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Best Tips For Crypto Coin Owners

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Best Tips For Crypto Coin Owners

Doron Rosenblum, senior manager of the global investment company eToro, made statements to crypto users. Rosenblum, which evaluates the latest situations in the market, draws attention to its advisory evaluations. According to Rosenblum, moving fast is an essential requirement of the crypto money market.

As it is known, the leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC) increases its price day by day. Investors who do not take the right position during these increases may be missing opportunities.

Move Fast

Rosenblum compares traditional markets with the innovative cryptocurrency market. According to the famous manager, moving quickly in the crypto money market is vital. In an interview with CryptoGlobe, Rosenblum makes positive comments about the future of cryptos. Moreover, according to Rosenblum, crypto assets like Bitcoin have the potential to change the future of the financial world.

Rosenblum eToro’s Blockchain-oriented enterprise continues its services within eToroX. The company has been aware of this new market since 2014, Rosenblum says eToroX meets a need.

Opportunities in Cryptocurrency

Looking at the recent price tables of the crypto money market, it is not possible to deny Rosenblum. Having achieved an effective acceleration in 2019, cryptos provide attractive graphics and offer many advantages to investors. In order to profit from these opportunities, users need to move fast and be in the right position.

Considering that BTC has increased by about 30% over the last 10 days, we can better understand the user benefit. Of course, this new market full of opportunities should be kept in mind that it is necessary to act cautiously.

Volume Boom in Crypto Money Markets

The combined volume of crypto coins exploded with $ 98 billion, according to Trustnodes. This value also means that the record is broken in this item.

Bitcoin, of course, covers the bulk of the volume with $ 29 billion. Then comes Tether with $ 27.7 billion. With $ 12 billion, ETH ranks third.

Volume in Stock Exchanges

We told our readers about the volume explosion at Bitmex. Arthur Hayes, CEO of Bitmex, announced yesterday that the stock market reached a daily volume of $ 10 billion, setting a volume record.

The volume in Bitmex is currently around $ 9.22 billion. Let’s give more interesting information: The newly established Brazil-based Negocie Coins stock ranks 2nd in the list with $ 2.19 billion. In addition, Binance stands out today with its low volume. The volume in the stock market is only 667 million dollars. This low value may be interpreted as investors’ confidence in Binance has decreased after the hacking.

Apart from these, there are USDT pairs worth about 1 billion dollars. It is seen that JPY, CNY, and USD are leading the nominal currencies.

Market Performance

It is possible to say that the market has shown an interesting price performance at this time. According to CoinMarketCap, Bitcoin, which peaked at $ 7,500.80 today, entered a downward trend and is currently trading at $ 6,901. The decline in Bitcoin officially bleeds the market. In the Top 20, all cryptocurrencies suffered depreciation except BTC (0.06%) and Bitcoin Cash (6.55%).

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